Confronting ALEC in Pittsburgh

In 2016, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) made the unfortunate decision to hold their Spring Summit in Pittsburgh. The Summit brought together hundreds of corporate lobbyists and wealthy funders from around the country to wine and dine conservative lawmakers, promising them hefty contributions in exchange for supporting state legislation that weakens worker and environmental protections, eviscerates public education, lowers wages, and hollows out communities of color for corporate profit.

One of our clients—One Pennsylvania—wanted to mount a protest that would challenge ALEC’s presence and power in our state, while serving to increase their visibility, build and leverage their power within both the progressive and labor community. The protest specifically targeted State Rep. Brian Ellis, the state chair for ALEC in Pennsylvania.

Sequal brought our full range of strategic communications tools to the effort – designing and producing visuals, identifying and preparing rally speakers, pitching media, driving social media and other digital outreach, and providing photography and videography for the event. Our work led to a highly visible protest that garnered significant media coverage.



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August 23, 2017

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